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my wings don't exist [userpic]

Hey all! Another year, another possible run. :) I say possible because in talking with my lovely co-mod, we were wondering just how much interest there would be for newsficcon this year. I am somewhat out of the loop on NEWS fandom, so it's likely I'm just not hearing much. As such, we thought a poll would be our best bet!

So please vote if you are definitely signing up for the exchange. We do have a set limit in mind so if it reaches that amount, we will totally run it again this year. Please don't misunderstand, we are more than happy to mod, but we just want to make sure that there are people interested in joining. ♥

Poll #1913771 NEWSficcon

Will you be signing up for newsficcon's fic exchange?


See you on the flip side! :)

newsficcon_mods [userpic]

We hope that everyone enjoyed our maiden voyage as co-captains of the SS Sayaendou!

Our first tour was not without a few bumps, but we appreciate all of the effort that all of the passengers put into making this the smoothest and best possible trip! We ♥ you all!

Your co-captains tinyangl and sparklynoodles would like to thank our amazing pinch hitter who really we cannot thank enough, ryogrande. You seriously came through for us and nothing we say can express just how amazing you are. tinyangl would like to thank her co-mod, sparklynoodles, for being the saving grace, for both pinch-hitting and betaing, and for being there when she was absolute fail. ♥♥♥

NOW here's where you can read from whom your booty came~

Your giftfics came from *drumrollllllllll~*Collapse )

We hope you guys enjoyed this year's exchange! If you haven't had a chance yet, please do go and leave a comment on your fic as soon as possible to show your appreciation. :D And not only to your fic, but to other people's fics as well!

Thank you to all who participated and got in their fics and saved our asses and are reading and enjoying the amazing fic this year. All of you are much love and this wouldn't be an exchange without you! ♥♥

tinyangl & sparklynoodles
Your NFO Mod Team

newsficcon_mods [userpic]

We found a stowaway fic! Due to circumstances, two fics were written for sparklynoodles and the writer of this fic has graciously agreed to let us post it as an awesome bonus fic.


Gift fic for: sparklynoodles
From: newsficcon

Title: Whispers in the Morning
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: KoyamaPi, RyoUchi, TegoMass
Warnings: vampires (+ pets), bloodplay, dubious consent, soul bonding
Summary: AU–Koyama just wanted a place to stay for awhile.
Notes: Lee, I intended to write you a crossover between 2 Broke Girls and Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt. 23, but then this happened. Disclaimer: everything I know about vampires, I learned on the Internet. Everything else I made up.

are rolling like thunder nowCollapse )

newsficcon_mods [userpic]

Gift fic for: budiamond
From: newsficcon

Title: Special Delivery
Pairing: Koyama/Tegoshi, Nyanta/Wagahai, Uchi, Massu and Shige appearances, mentions of others
Warnings: AU, silliness, swearing, boykissing
Summary: There is a new delivery man at the New, Edgy and Wonderful salon and Koyama hides every time he comes. But he might have to sign for packages sometimes…
Note: Salon!AU. For budiamond, I hope you enjoy this. It's a bit silly but I loved your delivery boy idea and took it far. I tried to flesh out each person as much as possible while still being humourous. Loosely inspired by a bit of "Legally Blonde" as well. I really enjoyed writing this for you!
The Bend and Snap works every time!Collapse )

newsficcon_mods [userpic]

Gift fic for: mari02
From: newsficcon

Title: Happy to Help
Rating: G
Main Characters: Ryo, Yamapi, Hyun Ah
Summary: Ryo might be a bully, but he truly cares for his friends and wants to help them in any way he can. He tries hard when his best friend, Hyun Ah, and the new kid, Yamapi, have troubles with love.
Notes: I want to give a special thanks to my friends Lily and Rina for unintentionally helping me come up with this story line. Also for Yuki, Sari, and even Kin for having your small parts in this story, even though probably none of you will get to see this. Oh, and one more special thanks to kitsune_hikaru. If it wasn’t for you, none of this would have happened! Thank you all!
He hated to see his friends hurting...Collapse )

newsficcon_mods [userpic]

The horizon’s in sight, but we aren’t there quite yet!

Some late cargo arrived, so today’s posting will be a bit delayed due to the extra weight.

Projected arrival time is in a few hours! See you then!

newsficcon_mods [userpic]

Greetings everyone!

As you can see, we are nearly done with posting. We decided to only post two today so we can have one more day of NEWS goodies. But sadly, our journey is nearly over.

Tomorrow will be the last day of posting, and reveals will be the 14th. So if you haven't, please read, comment and link any fics you love!

The Captain and Co-Captain :)

newsficcon_mods [userpic]

Gift fic for: crumplelush
From: newsficcon

Title: Space Pants
Pairing: Shige/Ryo (yup you read that right),a bit of gen bffery and ridiculousness
Warnings: Light bondage, teasing, lotsa sex, very very slight dub-con(turns to totally consensual when sex begins)
Summary: Ryo has a staring problem. Shige likes to push his buttons. In all ways.
Note: For crumplelush, I hope you enjoy this. I read your request and "Shige topping" and "first times" and "orgasm denial" popped out at me and this was born:D. There is not much logic here, so suspend your disbelief. Thank you to my beta .
Are you wearing space pants cuz your ass is outta this world…Collapse )

newsficcon_mods [userpic]

Gift fic for: ieja88
From: newsficcon

Title: The Color of Happiness
Rating: PG
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo and Kato Shigeaki are the main characters. Yamashita Tomohisa, Tegoshi Yuya, Masuda Takahisa, and Koyama Keiichiro are also featured to varying degrees.
Warnings: Explicit descriptions of illness and death
Summary: Shige is a cheshire just trying to get by without losing another one of his lives, hindered by the fact that, unlike the rest of his species, he has difficulty changing colors at will. He doesn’t expect to stumble upon Ryo, a terminally ill whiteshirt.
Notes: Inspired by “The Windup Girl.” Paolo Bacigalupi deserves all credit for coming up with the terms “cheshire” and “whiteshirt.” The universe that this story is set in is also loosely based on the universe of his novel. However, my interpretation of cheshires and whiteshirts differs radically from his.
Read more...Collapse )

newsficcon_mods [userpic]

Gift fic for: sparklynoodles
From: newsficcon

Title: This Could Be the Start of Something...
Rating: PG13
Pairing: (or main character/s if a pairing does not apply) Koyama/OC (female), mild Koyama/Shige BFFery.
Warnings: (if applicable.) Het, although nothing more exciting that some kissing. No girl parts for the phobic!
Summary: Koyama doesn't believe in Love at First Sight. Until it happens to him.
Notes: For sparklynoodles I tried something new here so I hope you like it. My original plan was for them to hook up, but it turns out that Koyama is far too gentlemanly for that! So I apologise for the lack of porn.

He's pretty sure he'll ruin his chances if he turns up nakedCollapse )

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